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Welcome to HBS Electronics, Inc.

HBS Electronics has over 25 years of experience manufacturing and designing high voltage transformers, power supplies and sub-system assemblies for many original equipment manufacturers in a variety of applications. Our sales and engineering professionals work in partnership with our customers to create a solution that fits the customer's unique requirements.

"HBS, Enter the World of High Voltage"

HBS Electronics can offer the following services based on it's years of experience, supplier base and quality conscious work force:

  • Premier turnkey manufacturing of magnet components and assemblies.

  • Reverse engineering of any type of  magnetic assembly.

  • Fast prototype service.

  • HBS repair service is available for any transformer or high voltage assembly.

  • High voltage assembly using soldering techniques unique to the manufacture of high voltage power supplies and generators.

  • Advanced encapsulation techniques and other leading edge manufacturing processes to ensure that all transformers are virtually corona-free.

  • HiPot ratings up to 300KV.

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